VR Active Shooter Response Training Tool

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What is MindGlow?

MindGlow is the future of safety training.

We are harnessing virtual reality (VR) to make safety training more engaging, starting with active shooter response training.

Active Shooter Response in VR

We created an Active Shooter Response training tool for trainers like yourself to enhance your students’ experience. You’ll present them with a VR headset where they go through activities and simulations for the Run-Hide-Fight method, listening drills with firearm sounds, and practice evacuation. Get your students engaged beyond what they know in the most innovative way possible.

Who is this for?

Trainers and Consultants in:

  • Workplace violence / safety

  • Active shooter response

  • Self-defense

  • Risk Assessment

HR / Learning development

EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety)

ANyone looking to learn about active shooter response

Activities & Simulations

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Activities and Simulations

  • Firearm Sounds

  • Listening Drill

  • Quick Escape (Run)

  • Cover & Conceal (Hide)

  • Improvised Weapons (Fight)

  • Evacuation



  • Office Lobby

  • Office Kitchen / Cafeteria

  • Conference Rooms

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Work Desk Area

  • and more


 How It Works

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2. MindGlow team will reach out


3. When all is set, we will onboard you to use the product

Using the product

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 1. Set up an Oculus Account

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2. Provide your Oculus ID to MindGlow team

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3. Download the training on your oculus Device

 What People Are Saying

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“We can use this as part of the trainings we give…this is great! And I’ve been training active shooter prep for 13 years.”

- Department of Defense Instructor


“I can see how people would look forward to it (safety trainings)”

- Robbie Sanford (Training and Safety Manager, CalTrain)

“it not only provided me information on guns but what to do in an event if there was a gun shooting.”

- CSULB Faculty


“Learning was made fun. It was made faster!”

- Sampreeti Bhattacharya (Startup Founder)


 What You Need

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Oculus Go.jpg

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 64GB 


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Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 32GB 






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VR Cover

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Oculus Go Case

 The Future of Safety Training

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“We found that the use of virtual memory palaces in HMD condition improves recall accuracy when compared to using a traditional desktop condition.”

- University of Maryland

“With virtual reality, you’re engaging the senses, emotions and cognitive functions of the brain.”

- Jennifer Valley, Training Industry

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