Harnessing XR (VR/AR) to create the future of workplace safety training — starting with active shooter training for employees.


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Active Shooter Safety Protocol.

This Active Shooter Safety Protocol download will provide you with some guidelines on what to do when an active shooting happens.

Inside, you’ll learn what to do:
• If the shooter is outside your building
• If the shooter is inside your building
• If you are inside
• If you are outside
• When law enforcement comes
and more!

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Our Mission.

Our mission is to empower employees to know what to do in an emergency. We understand that we can’t take safety for granted. We believe that all employees deserve to feel empowered and safe.

At MindGlow, we harness XR (VR/AR) to make employee safety training more engaging—starting with active shooter preparation.

We push XR Safety training forward to the masses.

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Active Shooter Response Training Tool.

©2019, Long Beach State University, All Rights Reserved

©2019, Long Beach State University, All Rights Reserved


Activities & Simulations

  • Firearm sounds

  • Listening Drill

  • Quick Escape (Run)

  • Cover Vs. Conceal (Hide)

  • Improvised Weapons (Fight)

  • Evacuation


“We can use this as part of the trainings we give…this is great! And I’ve been training active shooter prep for 13 years.”

-Department of Defense Employee

“it not only provided me information on guns but what to do in an event if there was a gun shooting.”



“This real-world training environment allows workers the safe space to learn what to do in case of an active shooter/violent intruder... 

MindGlow prepares you, to run, hide, fight in case of an active shooter!"

Lt. Bill Fogarty
CEO & Founder, 21 CLETS
San Mateo Sheriff's Department
CA POST Master Instructor